New Year, New Goals (and a few old ones)

Happy New Year dear ones! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and indulged in plenty of baked goods. Here’s a quick recap of my December and early January. I started training for my new job in early December and am now working it full-time. It’s a real adult job with benefits, projects, and responsibilities. Plus, I get to work in a beautiful place with passionate and amazing people!

Matt and I spent most of December in South Dakota where is was absolutely freezing but we were surrounded by some of our favorite people which was well worth the snow and the cold. My grandmother was also visiting so I got the extra gift of spending lots of time with her. Other highlights included a Harry Potter Yule Party, my 30th birthday, and a frozen trip up to Mt. Rushmore.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been contemplating what I would like to accomplish in 2017. Last year, I set 29 goals on my 29th birthday. Then 2016 devolved into a dumpster fire and all but six of them went out the window. This year, I’m focusing on five projects. Some of these I’ve carried over from last year and a few are entirely new for 2017.

  1. Expand my feminism and make it more intersectional
    • Read more books on feminism by POC, queer, and nonbinary authors.
    • Become more involve as an activist at the local and national level – We have so much work to do and so much to protect.
  2.  Begin learning Italian
  3. Learn to knit and make something for myself.
  4. Develop my cooking and homesteading skills
    • This includes participating in the Minimalist Foodie Challenge that my cousin Danielle and her husband Cameron developed for the new year. I’ll be exploring this more in another post.
  5. Sort out our living situation.
    • Ideally, we want to buy a house but if that’s not possible we need to find a rental that we can make a home out of.
    • Start downsizing and do some minimalist projects.

So there they are. Five ambitions for 2017. What are yours?



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